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SECRETS On Building a Consistently Profitable Trading Method, PRICE ACTION Based Only…

Traders, are you EXTREMELY serious in:

  • When to be prepared for a trade entry (using price action) and the reasons behind that choice?
  • Understanding why you are losing in trading classic candlestick patterns (and how to turn losing trades into winning ones by using simple techniques and signals);
  • Understanding the roles of technical analysis using multiple timeframes in saving you from losing trades;
  • How to identify the trend accurately and quickly?
  • How to analyze and what to expect/wait for when the market moves in an unclear direction?
  • How to apply the “less is more” principle in trading?
  • How to get rid of negative emotions (anxiety, hesitation, greed, etc) during trading?

If your answer is “YES” to these questions, then this book is for you – where I am going to reveal my secrets in reading market movements and patterns that took me a lot of time to research, detect, optimize, and apply effectively.

Inside this book, I am uncovering exactly what I have been implementing in the past years to make my trading a consistently profitable venture.

What you would learn in this edition includes:

  • Understanding the deepest roots of failure via analyzing wrong thoughts and actions that losers often have;
  • How winners perform using proper mindsets and techniques in trading with no tense or stressed feelings;
  • Understand the art of technical analysis using multiple timeframes in price action trading via a lot of real trade examples;
  • How to determine the trend and trend reversal by combining the most efficient price action techniques?
  • How to determine support/ resistance in connection with market structures;
  • How to identify a potential market reversal with three key criteria in market structure analysis;
  • When you should sit on the sidelines and what you should do during those times?
  • How to make the best use of pin bar trading in combination with price action secrets?
  • How to use engulfing patterns the most effectively based on the 3MS principle?
  • How to avoid traps in double top/bottom trading and how to prepare for potential profits;
  • The seven-step success formula in trading;

And much, much more…

Would you like to explore all the reversal trading secrets that took me not less than five years to master?

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