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Here’s a Secret Other Authors Won’t Tell You…

Day trading is hard and most day trading “educators” don’t actually day trade!

You heard that right! They don’t make their money from stocks, but from the chatroom, video, and subscription services they sell you! Before we get started, let me first go over what I don’t include in this book…

  • I have no “day trading” chatroom which charges your credit card each month for a service you’ll never use.
  • I have no monthly website subscription service for “more advanced strategies” that are needed to get started, but not included in the book.
  • I have no Lamborghini I rented to put behind me in a video, or fake money on a table in front of me.

What I
do have is a book that will teach you how the day trading industry actually works, my own wisdom from being in the stock market for almost a decade, and strategies you can use to actually start day trading.

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Book:

  • Chapter 1: The Industry – In the first part of the book, I peel back the curtain and go over the actual day trading industry with you. I show you how so called “pro” traders are able to fake charts, statistics, and trades to make it appear like they actually make money day trading, when they really don’t. I then go over the tactics they use to scam traders, and even a website which exposes all the fake educators.

  • Chapter 2: Terminology – Here we go over all the terms you’ll need to know as we progress to through the book. Volume, chart types, indicators, order types… it’s all covered!

  • Chapters 3 + 4: Pre-Trading Basics – In these chapters, I go over the basics of day trading. This includes what software and broker to use, finding mentors who you can refer to for help, and what the typical day in the life of a day trader looks like. I then show you how to set up your trading screen, what time frame to use, and the most beneficial types of stocks to trade.

  • Chapter 5: Day Trading Strategies – This is the heart of the book, and where I spend the most time. In this section, I give you 8 different strategies you can immediately start using to day trade. I include detailed explanations, charts, and examples so you know exactly how to implement the strategies I go over.

  • Chapter 6: Additional Advice – In the last part of the book, I give you my final bits of advice. This includes how to increase the probability of your trades, using a practice account, and more pieces of wisdom I have learned over the years.

I must admit to you, day trading is not easy and there is no guarantee of actually making it. However I feel this book gives you the best chance of actually getting started, as well providing a big picture of the day trading industry. If you’ve been on the fence about day trading, now is your chance to finally learn what it’s all about!

As a FREE bonus, only for book buyers, you’ll receive my special report titled Crush the Market! This report goes over 14 beneficial tips I have learned throughout my trading career that will help keep your account profitable in the stock market.

If you want to learn the truth about day trading, and are ready to get started, click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page and pick up How to Actually Day Trade for a Living NOW!

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