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The A-Z Guide to Trading Cryptocurrencies:

  • Learn all procedure, technical analysis, and essential trade strategies necessary to trade crypto markets with confidence and discipline.
  • Chart Logic is the only resource for statistical performance of commonly occurring chart patterns in the cryptocurrency markets.
  • Study theory and strategies for all market conditions and adopt an evidence-based approach to tackling each trade.

Chart Logic is the comprehensive guide for anyone wishing to learn to trade cryptocurrencies and offers experienced traders a go-to technical analysis refresher with unique insights. The handbook covers core concepts of cryptocurrencies and walks traders through wallets, exchanges, and trade procedure; trader terminology and technical analysis techniques; and extensive strategies and theory. Together, the procedure, technical skill-building, and essential trade strategies create the holy trinity necessary trade cryptocurrency markets with confidence and discipline. Best of all, it’s written simply and eloquently so anyone can learn to trade!

Taken from five years of successful trading, the author, a lawyer turned crypto-fanatic, teaches crypto-centric interpretations of classical technical analysis and offers useful insights into the highly volatile cryptocurrency markets. R.S. Varnes leverages his pragmatism and strategic thinking from his legal background to profitably trade cryptocurrencies and teaches in a manner suitable for all readers. Traders will learn a structured and evidence-based trade approach, and this handbook emphasizes techniques to profit under all market conditions maximizing both long-term and short-term gains. All examples are carefully cherry-picked from the cryptocurrency markets and many reflect real trades and applications.

Notably, Chart Logic also offers the first chart pattern performance statistics specific to the cryptocurrency markets (both for Bitcoin and USD traded pairs), and the handbook is peppered with data-driven insights. All top 100 cryptocurrencies were examined and nearly 400 charts and 1,800 patterns were sourced for analysis. While, in the spirit of transparency and knowledge sharing, all charts and some of the findings are public for all traders to see at, handbook readers get exclusive additional statistics, insights, analysis, and detailed finding summaries for each pattern.

Readers can go from never having used a cryptocurrency or seen a technical chart before to actively trading, mastering chart construction, and building confidence in essential technical analysis techniques. The technical methodology includes fluency in fundamental candlestick formations, chart patterns, trend lines, momentum gauges and divergences, and more. Furthermore, Chart Logic includes strategies and theory covering risk management, tactics for trading different types of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin’s impact on altcoins, avoiding gamblers’ mentality, dealing with losses, and other useful insights every crypto trader can appreciate.

About the Author:

R.S. Varnes holds a Juris Doctor and Master of Arts from the American University in Washington, DC. In 2016, he passed the esteemed California Bar Examination and was admitted to practice law; however, in 2020, he chose to switch from active attorney status to voluntary inactive status. R.S. has been mining and profitably trading cryptocurrencies since 2015. What started as a law school hobby turned into a passion and full-time career. He credits his success in the cryptocurrency markets to his methodical trade approach formed from the groundwork of his legal training. As you will see, he takes an evidence-based approach using multiple indicators to corroborate or dispel trade theories.

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