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Michael Sommer
5 years ago

Hi Markus, Thanks a lot for your comment! I agree with you that most of the FX robots do not work long term. As you can see from the live account trading results on this REV Trader PRO EA review site, there is a decrease in balance since the beginning of this year. There is nothing to hide! Real account trading results are updated on a daily basis! So, please, decide yourself to trade with this robot or not! Hope this helps! Michael

Markus Stein
Markus Stein
5 years ago

It looks like you copied the site of Rev Trader Pro and did not do any research about the validity of all the commercial claims. Fact is, that the EA is producing a -8% result on my live trading account on a VPS since Nov. 2014. There is no back test data available and if you look carefully in the trading results published, you will find discrepancies and thus invalidating those results. If you really want to be a legitimate site and don’t just act as an other outlet of the vendors, I suggest that you publish objective data the… Read more »