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Interactive DayTrading is a trading book like no other. We combine the power of visual graphics, video modules & quizzes to make sure you master the foundation of trading. This book will take you from knowing nothing to mastering the art of stock trading.

This book is short to the point, No-bluff.

Includes VIDEO Course ( 100 Video Modules ) & Quizzes to make sure that you have mastered the concept.

This book will show you how to day trade for a living, It builds the foundation of the stock market & teaches you about technical analysis, Indicators, how to find stocks, decide if it’s a day trade, swing trade, or long-term trade. This book gives you step by step actionable formula that will make sure you don’t lose money & always have a higher probability to make money.

In this book, You will learn:

  • Stock market foundation
  • How to use technical analysis
  • How to use indicators to trade
  • How to find stocks to trade
  • Psychology on profit-taking & cutting loss
  • Step by step trading strategies

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