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Learn the psychology used by profitable traders to create a mental edge in the markets with disciplined mindsets and well-planned strategies. Master your thoughts, emotions, and ego through faith and your trading system.

From the introduction:
This book is written to help traders understand why they make poor decisions and how to solve these problems with a new mindset and mental management techniques.
The impact of stress when putting money at risk and experiencing wins and losses can bring out every mental and emotional weakness in a trader. Traders face uncertainty, stress, emotions, and ego as they try to execute their signals. Trading the markets with real money at risk is a different experience than backtesting, chart studies, and research. Spending time to lose money in trading is a different emotional journey than spending time to make money in a job.
If you’re reading this book as a new trader, you may be looking for ways to become more profitable by stopping destructive trading habits and learning to follow your trading plan more successfully. I’ve often heard new traders ask this question, “Why can’t I follow my plan?” A trader that feels out of control may ignore their stop-loss, trade too big, or take random trades in the hopes of making easy money. These are typical behaviors for someone who hasn’t mastered trading psychology. I have experienced all these things at one time or another over the past 30 years, and I experienced some painful losses before I learned to overcome my impulses.
In this book, I will explain how to manage your thoughts, ego, and emotions to become a successful and profitable trader. You can learn to follow your system and deal with losing and winning trades in a thoughtful and meaningful way that doesn’t lead to ruin. If you’re reading this book, you’re taking the first step, and one of the most important steps, on your trading journey.

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